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The Bunker

Genre: Action thriller, not scary, medium physical activity, indoor/outdoor

Duration: 1 hour

Age Recommendation: 10 and older

# of people: up to 10 people per game

Your mission will be to infiltrate an underground military bunker, crack codes, unlock doors, navigate tunnels, and escape with an alien specimen. If you choose to accept this mission you only have 1 hour upon entering the bunker to escape with the alien specimen.

During the summer of 1952 an alien spacecraft crash landed in a corn field in a small town in western Georgia. The crash landing was covered up and kept secret by a small group of generals, scientist, and government officials. Over the next several years this covert group experimented on these alien beings under the top secret project name Project Omega. Over the past several decades we at The Alien Truth Project have searched for the proof of alien life and we have finally identified the location of at least one alien specimen in a top secret military underground bunker in western Georgia. We need you to recover and escape with the alien specimen.

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