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Our escape game adventures are unlike any others in the world. Our games are fully immersive and allow you to feel like your are living out the plot of a movie. We offer fun adventure games (non-scary) perfect for adults and older kids as well as scarier escape games for adults. 


Hopper's CABIN from stranger things

​Genre: not scary, indoors, low physical activity, linear game play with bonus quests

Difficulty: Intermediate

Age Recommendation: 10 years old and up


This escape room adventure takes place in the actual cabin from the hit TV show set in the 80's. ​In this adventure you and your team will have to explore the cabin, decipher clues, unlock doors, and solve the mystery before time runs out. Don't miss out on this totally unique adventure in the actual cabin from the hit show!


Murder Mystery/Escape Game: Legend of Sleepy Hollow 1990

Genre: PG-13, murder mystery, minimal physical exercise, outdoors

Age requirement 13 and up

The year is 1990, exactly is 200 years since the original headless horseman terrorized a small Northern town. As a farmer walks through his woods one early morning he notices crows gathering over a section of the woods. At first he thinks "probably just a dead animal" but he decides to check it out. As he pushes through the tress and brush he is shocked at what he sees. There laying in front of him is a headless body. He runs from the field and calls the police.

Your mission: The local police is severely understaffed, ill-equipped, and honestly too freaked out to solve this mystery. That is where you come in. We need to and your team to enter the woods and solve this murder mystery. What do you say? Are you up for a little adventure?


THE HUNTED: The Hollow Grove Ripper

Genre: Horror, haunted, scary, minimal physical exercise, indoor/outdoor

Duration: 1 hour

Age: 15 and up but at least one participant needs to be over 18. However, due to some of the content in the game it is highly recommended that everyone be over 17.

You and your team are part of a hit true crime podcast that recently covered a story that travelled to the top of the podcast charts. Eager to follow up on your first season's success you want to cover a new and even darker story. 

Your research into a new story lands you on an obscure website that talks about a deeply evil person that lives deep in the woods. The website claims that this person has grown fond of the taste of human meat, especially human lungs. You think that this is probably made up but you need another hit season so you are your team decide to check it out. You are going to regret ever landing on that website...

Genre: Rated R, Horror, haunted, scary, minimal physical exercise, indoor (cabin in the woods)


the maze: curse of the dragon

Genre: Action adventure, fantasy, not scary, mild physical activity, outdoors

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Age Recommendation: 10 and older

In this adventure you and your group need navigate a magical forest maze to break the evil curse that was put on the woods by a dark wizard. Ages ago 5 elders met at Elders Rock and swore an oath to protect forest kingdom, the Mother Dragon, and her eggs. The 5 elders founded the 5 Great Houses of the kingdom, which still live on. For a long time there was peace an prosperity. However, that all changed when an outsider from a far away land, later to be revealed as a dark wizard, stole the Mother Dragon's 3 eggs from Dragon's Keep and enchanted the Mother Dragon with an evil curse. Now the dark wizard uses his enchanted dragon for evil purposes. To save the kingdom you need to find the 3 dragon eggs to break the curse put on the Mother Dragon. The eggs have been hidden and locked up throughout the kingdom. To find the dragon eggs you and your team will have 1 hour to navigate a giant 80 foot x 40 foot maze built in the woods, crack codes, unlock doors, and escape before time runs out. Along the way you will visit important locations such as Dragon's Keep, Elders Rock, Devil's Mouth Cave, and the Enchanted Forest. Are you up for the challenge?



Genre: Post-apocalyptic themed, indoor/outdoor, medium physical activity, non-linear game play

Difficulty Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Age Recommendation: 10 years old and up

A terrible virus has been released on the world and it is spreading rapidly. The virus was only released a few days ago but it has already spread to much of the world's population. In its wake the virus is turning everyone infected into mindless, blood thirsty shells of their former selves. In the aftermath, civilization is beginning to break down and humanity is crumbling. Not much is known about why the virus was released or who released it but you and your team have discovered the location where the virus was manufactured. If the virus was created in this bunker lab, then it is possible that an antidote exists in the lab as well. At the current rate of infection the world's population will be completely infected in a matter of weeks. Your mission is to infiltrate the bunker where the virus was created and find a possible antidote. If you find an antidote, then you will have the power to save the world... or seal the world's fate if you decide to destroy the only antidote. Will you make the right choice?



Genre: Rated R, Horror, haunted, scary, minimal physical exercise, outdoors
Duration: 1 hour
Age: Due to the nature of this escape game, it is only for people 18 or older.

In this twisted, 18 and up adventure you and your team will need to infiltrate a backwoods encampment of accused serial akiller and cult leader Maliki Jones as known as the Pig Farmer. Maliki is awaiting trial but unfortunately the district attorney doesn’t have solid evidence to convict him and many fear that he will walk free. That is where you come in...

You and your team are sent by the district attorney to gather as much evidence as possible to put Maliki away for good. Not much is known about where Maliki lived during his reign of terror but recent evidence revealed that he lived deep in the backwoods of Georgia where he operated a small pig farm. Police suspect that he was disposing of his victims’ bodies by feeding them to his pigs. Police also suspect that Maliki is a cult leader but not much is known about his followers or whether they reside in the encampment. The media has dubbed his cult “The Cult of the 7 Sins” but Maliki has taken exception to that name because he thinks of them more as a family than a cult...

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