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Birthday Parties at Escape Woods for Kids and Adults

If you are looking for the perfect adventure to celebrate a birthday for a kid or an adult, then look no further! At Escape Woods we specialize in creating fun and interactive escape "room" adventures, which are perfect for birthday parties. We offer multiple escape games that are unlike any other escape rooms in the world because unlike normal escape rooms ours are built in the woods of the 60-acre Sleepy Hollow Farm just outside of Atlanta GA. This gives us plenty of room to build challenging and totally unique escape adventures that we dream up. Whether you are trying to escape from our giant 40 foot x 80 foot escape game in The Maze or infiltrating an abandoned bunker to find an alien specimen in The Bunker or maybe you are locked in an aspiring serial killers cabin and trying to escape before he makes you his first victims in The Cabin (Adults Only), our escape games will create an experience that you will not soon forget. You will have 1 hour... can you escape?

Escape Woods also has covered picnic areas where you can serve cake and food for your birthday celebration.

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