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Team Building Near Atlanta Your Team Will Never Forget

Team Building Near Atlanta
Team Building Near Atlanta

Are you looking for a fun team building event that will foster collaboration and bonding? Then look no further than Escape Woods. Teams ranging from large corporate retreats to small businesses have made Escape Woods their go to destination for team building activities. At Escape Woods we allow your team to escape from ordinary team building events that have become stale and boring. Since we are outside on the 60 acre Sleepy Hollow Farm, we also allow your team to get away from the office and get outside for some outdoor adventure! Our escape room games are all designed to encourage communication and allow team members to bond while trying to complete one common goal... escape!

Our escape room game adventures can accommodate large groups and small teams. We feature multiple escape games that can accommodate groups of 8-10 people per game. Need something bigger? We also offer a massive game called The Gauntlet that spans multiple acres of the woods. The Gauntlet is designed for groups of up to 50 people and is the perfect team building challenge because teams need to complete a series of challenges that can't be complete unless teams communicate!

We can also customize you team building event to your needs. We can mix and match games, create rotations and offer additional customized team building activities. Escape Woods also features multiple locations on the property where your team can eat lunch or hold a meeting. Learn more about our team building options!

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Jun 29, 2019

The fun house massacre was so much and I loved the sarcastic remarks as well. The guy that worked us through the buildings was incredible and very involved. 😉

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