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Outdoor Escape Room Design & Consulting

Leverage our years of expertise and create additional revenue streams for your property

We started Escape Woods in 2016 to create year-round income for our family owned farm just west of Atlanta, GA. When we started Escape Woods we were the first outdoor escape "room" company in the world. Over the years we have perfected the art of designing, developing, and running escape room adventures that are unlike any other escape rooms in the world. We are now selling our escape room plan designs and consulting services to help other property owners earn extra income from this fast growing entertainment trend.

Escape Game Plans

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Consulting Services

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Outdoor Escape Game Plans

Since starting Escape Woods at Sleepy Hollow Farm in 2016 we have designed, developed, and run 12 escape game adventures with multiple versions of each games. We have never hired an outside company to design or develop our games and each of our games have been perfected through years of testing with thousands of customers at our farm.

The Dig

Outdoors, family friendly, escape room in a giant forest maze, archaeology themed.

The Cabin

Indoor/outdoor, scary, horror genre, serial killer themed adventure.

The Heist

Indoors, family friendly, historic train heist theme.


Outdoors, scary, horror genre.

The Maze

Outdoors, family friendly, escape room in a giant forest maze fantasy/dragon theme.

The Gauntlet

Outdoors, perfect for large team building groups, able to accommodate large groups.

The Ghost Hunt

Indoors, haunted escape room meets ghost hunt.

The Clown

Outdoors, scary, horror genre.

The Bunker

Indoor/outdoor, family friendly, action adventure, alien mystery themed.

The Shiners

Outdoors, moonshiner theme, adventure. 

The Dark Woods

Outdoors, escape game meets ghost hunt scary, horror theme.

Hillbilly Hell

Outdoors, scary, horror genre.

Escape Room Business Consulting

Since we have been operating our own escape room business since 2016 we have a deep knowledge of how to start, operate, and market this unique entertainment concept. Perfecting our concept has taken a lot of work... through our consulting services you can hit the ground running by leveraging our years of experience in this space. From marketing to operations we have learned it all.

Marketing Consulting

Marketing an entertainment concept like this takes a lot of trial and error. We have tested thousands of different campaigns and ads so we have a deep understanding of what works.

Operations Consulting

Operating a business like this is very unique and we have become great at creating an operations model that works. From booking to training to running games we can get your business running smoothly faster.

General Business

We have started and operated multiple family-owned entertainment businesses so we know what it takes to start and run a successful business. 

Why Choose Us?


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