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Genre: Horror, haunted, scary, minimal physical exercise, indoor (cabin in the woods)

Duration: 1 hour

Age: Due to the nature of this escape game, it is only for people 18 or older.

# of people: up to 8 people per game

You and your team will have 1 hour to escape an abandoned cabin buried deep in the woods before the time runs out. Warning this will not be for the faint of heart. 


Every serial killer has to start somewhere, you find yourself locked in a cabin in the woods, HIS cabin, HE has been researching killing HIS whole miserable life, you have only 2 options either to be HIS first kill or ESCAPE the CABIN. You have only 1 hour until HE returns to make you HIS first kill, use every clue you can to outsmart HIM and save yourself and your friends from being HIS very first killings.

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