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Escape Woods - 35% Off Discount

Can you escape the woods in 1 hour?

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At Escape Woods we have designed fully immersive escape room experiences with a unique twist that makes us very different than a typical escape room. We have built our escape games deep in the woods of Sleepy Hollow Farm just outside of Atlanta, which gives us the space to design truly amazing experiences. We offer a range of games that include scary escape games and some that are just exhilarating adventures that offer a fun time for friends, families, and even corporate team building events.



Genre: Action thriller, not scary, medium physical activity, indoor/outdoor

Duration: 1 hour

Age Recommendation: 10 and older

Your mission will be to infiltrate an underground military bunker, crack codes, unlock doors, navigate tunnels, and escape with an alien specimen. If you choose to accept this mission you only have 1 hour upon entering the bunker to escape with the alien specimen.

During the summer of 1952 an alien spacecraft crash landed in a corn field in a small town in western Georgia. The crash landing was covered up and kept secret by a small group of generals, scientist, and government officials. Over the next several years this covert group experimented on these alien beings under the top secret project name Project Omega. Over the past several decades we at The Alien Truth Project have searched for the proof of alien life and we have finally identified the location of at least one alien specimen in a top secret military underground bunker in western Georgia. We need you to recover and escape with the alien specimen.




Genre: Horror, haunted, scary, minimal physical exercise, indoor (cabin in the woods)

Duration: 1 hour

Age: Due to the nature of this escape game, it is only for people 18 or older.

You and your team will have 1 hour to escape an abandoned cabin buried deep in the woods before the time runs out. Warning this will not be for the faint of heart. 


Every serial killer has to start somewhere, you find yourself locked in a cabin in the woods, HIS cabin, HE has been researching killing HIS whole miserable life, you have only 2 options either to be HIS first kill or ESCAPE the CABIN. You have only 1 hour until HE returns to make you HIS first kill, use every clue you can to outsmart HIM and save yourself and your friends from being HIS very first killings.


Genre: Action adventure, not scary, mild physical activity, outdoors

Duration: 1 hour

Age Recommendation: 10 and older

You and your team are part of an elite dig team called the Artifact Recovery Coalition or A.R.C. The team is in a furious search of a very valuable ancient artifact that was buried in the woods many years ago so it wouldn't get in the wrong hands. The government has also been searching for the treasure and will stop at nothing to find it first. In this escape you will need to embark on a journey through the woods to find the hidden treasure and escape the woods in 1 hour before the government discovers what you are up to and shuts you down.





The Gauntlet (NEW): this massive escape game adventure is unlike any other and can accommodate large groups of 15 to about 50 people. In the Gauntlet everyone competes in one giant head-to-head game. The first team to complete a series of multiple challenges and crack the final code will discover the treasure and win the game.

Contact us for more information & to reserve your spot.


Genre: Horror, haunted, scary, minimal physical exercise, outdoor

Duration: 1 hour

Age: Due to the nature of this escape game, it is only for people 18 or older.

What starts as a simple agriculture expedition quickly turns serious. You will become part of the experiment if you can't escape The Cage...




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