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Escape Woods - 35% Off Discount

Can you escape the woods in 1 hour?

Use promo code ESCAPE.
Appointment Required

At Escape Woods we have designed fully immersive escape room experiences with a unique twist that makes us very different than a typical escape room. We have built our escape games deep in the woods of Sleepy Hollow Farm just outside of Atlanta, which gives us the space to design truly amazing experiences. We offer a range of games that include scary escape games and some that are just exhilarating adventures that offer a fun time for friends, families, and even corporate team building events.

Our Escape Game Adventures

a race against the clock to solve clues, unlock doors, and navigate a maze built in a big 40 ft x 80 ft area in the woods. To win you need to escape in 1 hour with a treasure before the government gets to you.


your mission will be to infiltrate an underground military bunker, crack codes, unlock doors, navigate tunnels, and escape with an alien specimen. If you choose to accept this mission you only have 1 hour upon entering the bunker to escape with the alien specimen.

The Gauntlet

this massive escape game adventure is unlike any other and is designed to accommodate large groups of 15 to about 50 people. In The Gauntlet everyone competes in one giant head-to-head game that is part treasure hunt, part escape game, and part team challenge. The first team to complete a series of multiple challenges and crack the final code will discover the treasure and win the game. You must contact us to book The Gauntlet.


escape a cabin built deep in the woods. This is not just any cabin... the owner of the cabin has been studying serial killers his whole miserable life and he wants to make you his first victims. To escape before he gets home you will need to explore his cabin, solve clues, and decipher his locks. This game is designed for adults only and is not for the faint of heart.

The Cage

Coming soon...

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