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Unlike any other escape rooms in the world


Escape Woods has multiple outdoor escape game adventures that are unlike any others in the world!


Celebrating a birthday? Make it a birthday party that your guests will never forget!


Plan your next team-building or field trip at Escape Woods. We have options for large and small groups!

Hoppers Cabin: In order to see The Cabin from the TV show you will need to either book The Cabin escape room game on our website or contact us to make an appointment for a tour.



Our escape room games are unlike any others in the world because we are the first escape room company to offer outdoor escape "rooms" in the woods. With 60-acres of land on Sleepy Hollow Farm we have plenty of room to create unique adventures that are fully immersive. We offer fun adventure games (non-scary) perfect for adults and older kids as well as scarier escape games for adults. Learn more about our escape room games.



Escape Woods is unlike any other escape room game in the world. At Escape Woods we offer unique year-round outdoor escape game adventures for friends, families, and co-workers. All of our escape room games are fully immersive and allow you to connect with others to try to escape before time runs out. Escape Woods is located at the 60 acre Sleepy Hollow Farm just outside of Atlanta Georgia giving us plenty of room to create the most unique and memorable escape experiences that we can dream up. Our game designers have over 30 years of combined experience in the movie industry and creating mazes. Escape Woods was started because we felt that we could offer more than a typical escape room. We set out to build escape room games that make you feel like you are in the movies by engaging all of your senses and building intense story lines around all of our games. We have designed challenging and fun experiences that will test your ability to solve puzzles, find clues, unlock doors, and work with a team in a race against the clock to escape the woods. Whether you are trying to escape from our giant 40 foot x 80 foot escape game/maze before the government catches you in The Maze or you are locked in an aspiring serial killers cabin and trying to escape before he makes you his first victims in The Cabin, our escape game will create an experience that you will not soon forget.


Escape Woods is located at Sleepy Hollow Farm just  outside of Atlanta in Powder Springs GASleepy Hollow Farm has been creating long lasting memorable experiences for families all over Georgia since 1980.



628 Sleepy Hollow Road

Powder Springs GA 30127

Tel: 770-880-8846


Note: Due to the nature of Escape Woods you must book your tickets ahead of time.

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